OCTOBER 03, 2017

Bowl Wave: Recap on Bowl Projections

Where do the outlets think Tulane might head?

By JP Gooderham

With Tulane appearing in Bowl Projections for the first time since 2013, it's time to track what the various outlets are saying about the Green Wave's chances. Here's a roundup after Week Five (in which we had a bye).

Sports Illustrated: Cure Bowl

Tulane vs. Appalachian State


ESPN: Cure Bowl / Stay Home

ESPN's writers each make their pick. Hale sends Tulane to the Cure Bowl to play Idaho. Bonagura has the Green Wave out in favor of Cincinnati (impressive loss to Marshall?).

CBS Sports: Stay Home

Jerry Palm still has Tulane out. He does have Temple going to Boca Raton. Living in 2016 still would be kind of cool, I guess.


SB Nation: Stay Home

SB Nation is not on the bandwagon yet.