AUGUST 26, 2017

FTW Predicts Every Tulane Game in 2017

Fear the Wave Staff Makes Some Predictions

By JP Gooderham

We are officially a week away from Tulane Football 2017, as the Grambling State Tigers will join us at Yulman on September 2nd.

With the help of staff writers Sam Vancini (@getme_a_samwich on Twitter) and Janny Meza (@the_janny_meza), we're going to give our predictions for every Tulane game this year with a one liner on what we think will happen.

Week One: Grambling @ Tulane (3-0 Vote: Tulane) [1-0]

JM: 56-17 Tulane.

SV: 49-21 Tulane.

JP: 48-17 Tulane.

One Line Prediction (Sam): Repeat of last year’s FCS game. Huge plays in the run game and defense forces turnovers.

Week Two: Tulane @ Navy for Trident Trophy (2-1 Vote: Navy) [1-1]

JM: 28-17 Navy.

SV: 24-21 Navy.

JP: 31-24 Tulane.

One Line Prediction (Janny): Tulane kept it close last year by forcing two turnovers, Navy holds firm by playing a clean game.

Week Three: Tulane @ Oklahoma (3-0 Vote: Oklahoma) [1-2]

JM: 38-21 Oklahoma

SV: 45-24 Oklahoma.

JP: 45-21 Oklahoma

One Line Prediction (Sam): Tulane keeps it close early, but the floodgates open for Oklahoma’s offense in the 2nd half.

Week Four: Army @ Tulane (3-0 Vote: Tulane) [2-2]

JM: 24-14 Tulane

SV: 31-14 Tulane

JP: 28-24 Tulane

One Line Prediction (Janny): Teddy Encalade seals the deal late in the fourth to get the 2017 season back on track.

Week Five: Bye (2-2 Record so far)

Week Six: Tulsa @ Tulane (3-0 Vote: Tulsa) [2-3]

JM: 44-31 Tulsa

SV: 31-21 Tulsa

JP: 42-34 Tulsa

One Line Prediction (JP): It's Week Six, and Tulsa has become the surprise team out of the AAC after challenging Oklahoma State and continuing strong play -- Wave secondary rebounds in 2nd half to keep it close but Golden Hurricane survives trip to Yulman.

Week Seven: Tulane @ Florida International (3-0 Vote: Tulane) [3-3]

JM: 35-6 Tulane

SV: 28-10 Tulane

JP: 38-7 Tulane

One Line Prediction (JP): The Green Wave dominates a road trip to South Florida as the Panthers can't find an answer to Wave's run attack, with Banks scoring 2 through the air and another on the ground.

Week Eight: South Florida @ Tulane (2-1 Vote: USF) [3-4]

JM: 24-20 Tulane

SV: 31-28 USF.

JP: 38-28 USF.

One Line Prediction (Sam): The Green Wave give the undefeated Bulls a scare in this one, but USF pulls it out in OT.

Dissenting Opinion (Janny): Ade Aruna’s athleticism frustrates Quinton Flowers and the Wave pull out a squeaker at Yulman Stadium.

Week Nine: Tulane @ Memphis (3-0 Vote: Memphis) [3-5]

JM: 38-27 Memphis.

SV: 35-17 Memphis.

JP: 42-28 Memphis.

One Line Prediction (Janny): The Tigers run defense allows big runs from Hilliard and Huderson, but Riley Ferguson manages to break the deadlock in the second half.

Week Ten: Cincinnati @ Tulane (3-0 Vote: Tulane) [4-5]

JM: 24-13 Tulane.

SV: 17-10 Tulane.

JP: 28-27 Tulane.

One Line Prediction (JP): Tulane wins a critical rebound game and exorcises the Homecoming demon as Dontrell Hilliard celebrates his senior Homecoming with a game winning touchdown drive in the 4th.

Week Eleven: Tulane @ East Carolina (3-0 Vote: Tulane) [5-5]

JM: 35-19 Tulane.

SV: 24-17 Tulane.

JP: 38-21 Tulane.

One Line Prediction (JP): Tulane surges after Homecoming win and thrives against a Pirates' defense that struggles against the run game while Banks looks sharp through the air and on the run.

Week Twelve: Houston @ Tulane (2-1 Vote: Tulane) [6-5]

JM: 20-10 Houston.

SV: 35-21 Tulane.

JP: 31-28 Tulane.

One Line Prediction (JP): The Green Wave secondary puts on a show on Senior Day, and the Green Wave closes on bowl eligibility riding a +2 turnover margin while Major Applewhite struggles to adjust.

Week Thirteen: Tulane @ SMU (2-1 Vote: SMU) [6-6]

JM: 35-31 Tulane.
One Line: The Wave redeem their homecoming heartbreak from last season to ensure their first ever .500 record in conference play and a 7-5 record overall.

SV: 34-24 SMU.

JP: 42-35 SMU.

One Line Prediction (Sam): Having already secured their spot in the postseason, the Green Wave take a bit of a step back against the Mustangs on the road.


There you have it. FTW Staff has checked in, and we are thinking the Green Wave beats the odds and battles its way to 6-6 bowl eligibility late in the season.

Final Rundown:

Janny: 7-5
Sam: 6-6
JP: 6-6

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