JUNE 01, 2017

Highlights: Coach Fritz Radio Interview on Tulane Camp

Fritz Gives Some Notes on Camp

By JP Gooderham

Coach Willie Fritz went on the radio this morning with The Prince and T-Bob in Baton Rouge (audio of 10-minute discussion here), and CWF talked about last week's camp at Yulman where he teamed up with the school upriver.

Wanted to share a couple of interesting moments from the show.


J/T-Bob: We talked to Ed Orgeron, and nationally, he's got a bit of flak for boxing out some colleges from out of state and giving Louisiana schools the first chance at evaluation for Louisiana recruits. Let's start there. Has Coach Orgeron fighting to keep schools out benefited schools like Tulane?

CWF: I think so. I don't blame Coach O for doing that. He's looking out for LSU, just like we're looking out for Tulane. Sometimes you get to these camps, and you get to see something that others didn't get to see. It's tough now since there are very few secrets with the internet... Sometimes at these one day camps, you can see something you didn't get a chance to see a kid do on film, like move into another position.

I really enjoyed working with the LSU staff... I gave Coach O and his staff what I consider a compliment. They're a regular group of guys. I've been around a lot of these Division 1 coaches who think they're curing cancer or splitting the atom. All you're doing is coaching football.

J/T-Bob: How about the joint camps with in-state schools?

CWF: We went over to Southern. You get to see them compete. I like to watch and see the guys who are trying to jump up in line and get another rep. There's a kid who is a really, really good player within the state, and I saw a DB jump up in line and try to go against him as often as you could. That says something about the competitiveness of a kid. He wanted to go against a great football player.

J/T-Bob: How has your staff responded in Year Two?

CWF: I'm very proud of our staff. There's only 21 programs in the nation that have the same staff coming back for the next year. Most of these guys I have coached with in a lot of different stops.

I think we've done something unique. I don't know that Tulane has done this in the past, but we've divided up the city of New Orleans among all nine of my coaches. Each coach is responsible for seven high schools so we can do a good job paying attention to our own backyard. I think we're doing a great job recruiting locally.

J/T-Bob: This must be sending a message to out of state coaches. Now talking to recruits, it seems like it may be tough for kids to get out of state.

CWF: At every place I've coached, I end up trying to stay local. We're going to do the same thing here at Tulane. Kids seem to be happier when they are somewhat close to home, when they're a drivable distance.

We're targeting Dallas from the West to Georgia and Florida in the east, but Louisiana is our #1 focus for where we want to be.