NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Tulane Basketball: LIU Brooklyn Preview

Green Wave Officially Opens at Devlin

By Sam Vancini

College Basketball season is finally back and the Green Wave will tip off tonight at 7 PM against LIU Brooklyn, live at Devlin Fieldhouse.

Tulane has an 81% chance of winning the match according to KenPom. Despite going 6-25 and finishing 10th in the AAC, things are looking up this year for the Green Wave due to the introduction of a highly talented group of transfer players and freshman.

Below I’ve outlined a few things that Green Wave fans should lookout for tonight:

Dynamic Duo of Cam Reynolds and Jordan Cornish

It would never be a proper Tulane basketball article without including the name Cam Reynolds, so let’s start with him. Reynolds is the leader for main man for the Green Wave and has been since last year, as he earned AAC Most Improved Player of the year.

Reynolds only looks to be improving from here as Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports hinted at the fact that he believes Reynolds might lead all of the AAC in scoring this year.

The next name that has to be mentioned, and one that most Tulane fans will be especially excited to see in action tomorrow, is Jordan Cornish. Cornish is a UNLV transfer, and graduate of Brother Martin in New Orleans. He and Reynolds together will provide a key one-two punch offensively that will be a menace to opposing defenses. Through two games, the pair have been by far the highest scorers for the Wave.

Green Wave Depth

One great element of having a team full of new transfers and freshmen, it leads to having a team with great depth. This Green Wave team is a deep group which is crucial to their own success given that they run the fastest paced offense of any team in the AAC.

Freshman Caleb Daniels, former graduate and valedictorian of St. Augustine, has already become a fan favorite: and for good reason. He is a highly talented and smart freshman, drawing great praise from his peers. In the press conference following the LSU game, Daniels was lauded by Coach Dunleavy and Cam Reynolds. Even LSU coach Will Wade mentioned Daniels, stating that “I thought he (Daniels) did a great job. He was tough to keep out of the paint”.

Another player to lookout for coming off the bench is the other transfer player for the Green Wave, Samir Sehic. Sehic is a 6’9 Power Forward transfer from Vanderbilt.

He hit a pair of clutch 3s that helped the Green Wave seal the deal in their preseason matchup against LSU. He is a particularly interesting player due to his versatility, with the ability to play both the PF as a stretch 4 or as a center. Which leads to my next key question:

What will the Green Wave do at the center position?

This has been a key question for the Green Wave all offseason with the graduation of Ryan Smith, and looks to finally have some semblance of an answer. First thing to note: Blake Paul is the go-to guy. Junior Blake Paul will be the starter, and looks to have an improved year. What happens when Blake Paul needs to come out for rest or is in foul trouble is still an interesting question.

One option the Green Wave have in this event is to play a small-ball lineup with Samir Sehic as the C, as they did for a lot of the game against LSU. This lineup has always been a fascinating idea to me because it gives the Green Wave the unique ability to form a 5 man lineup where every player on the floor can make the 3-point shot.

Another option is for the Green Wave to go with the 6’10 freshman, Bul Ajang. Ajang is another intriguing possibility for the Wave purely just because of his stature. Ajang is still very much a raw prospect, but just the physical presence he brings is enough to give Tulane fans optimism. He is not quite a complete player yet, but he is on the road to being there and it will be fun to see how he improves as this season progresses.

The season is young and there is a lot to look forward to, Greenies. For now though #BeatLIU is in full effect, and it’s time to get things rolling.