MAY 07, 2018

Podcast Ain't Nobody talks about Auburn dropping $2M to play Tulane

The Wave heads to Auburn in 2019 for a single shot buy game

By JP Gooderham

If you follow FTW on Twitter, you know that we are big fans of the Podcast Ain't Played Nobody show over at SB Nation, hosted by Bill Connelly and Steven Godfrey.

They not only do an excellent job across the board -- they cover the AAC as well or better than anyone else in College Football media.

While they were doing their latest epsiode, Brett McMurphy tweeted this about the 2019 Tulane @ Auburn game:

PAPN decided to discuss it, and I thought I'd transcribe their comments here.


SG: Auburn paid Tulane... ready for it. $1.9 million for a 2019 game. The question is: how many points will Tulane beat Auburn by in 2019.

Dang. What's going on? Is this a slow creep? Is it going to cap? This is crazy. $2M to play Tulane.

If you're Auburn, and this is a legit question, I know Auburn plays at LSU every other year, but why not go to Tulane, and let's do a 2-for-1? You come here twice, we'll work in a smaller fee, and we'll play in New Orleans. You're eventually going to recruit New Orleans. Tulane has a pretty nice stadium Uptown now. It's a mini-bowl. $2 million.

BC: I don't see the end game here, entirely. I get the general purpose. When we talk about how the Power Five will separate itself one day, and others point out they'll still need to win games to avoid going 4-8, this does remind you of the value of winnable home games on the schedule.

SG: Is Tulane a winnable home game?

BC: It's going to be harder in 2019, but Auburn will be a favorite. It's not a lock though.

I guess you could say this is the circle of life. The budget is now going to G5 teams who will use the money to pay FCS teams and it drops down.

Looking at the Buy Games

I'll embed the audio for the show below, but yeah, it does seem pretty crazy to see SEC teams pay this kind of money for their "buy games" nowadays.

In the immediate future, this seems to be an aspect of College Football that Troy Dannen intends to use to his advantage (see: Ohio State this season, Auburn next year).

The Buckeyes are getting the better deal, as they'll be paying a meager $1.5M to play the Green Wave this season.

But in all seriousness, it looks like we'll have one of these revenue-driving games in years when there is no marquee series game scheduled for the near future.

On the flip side, the programs who have opted for series with Tulane: Oklahoma (Game One played last year with one trip to NOLA), Ole Miss (3 game series, Rebs come to Yulman in 2023), and Kansas State (with a trip to NOLA in 2024).

Also, shout out to PAPN for acknowledging that the Fritz War Machine could be running and make things interesting for the Tigers, who I might I add have an all-time losing record against the mighty Wave:

The dream of getting paid $2M to continue that tradition is alive...