AUGUST 10, 2018

"The Perfect Wave - Chapter 2," from our 1998 Tulane Football Documentary, is out.

Storyboard App Subscribers can get the episode today. Arrives next week for all other apps.

By JP Gooderham

Greenies and College Football fans. I'm excited to say that Chapter Two of our six-part audio documentary "The Perfect Wave" is officially out on our Storyboard Podcasts app.

If you are a premium subscriber, you can download the episode from your feed starting tonight!

This 29-minute episode looks at the team as they take the Causeway and arrive in Covington, coming off a 7-4 season that represented progress but left players with a chip on their shoulder when they did not reach bowl season.

We figure out what kind of expectations the team fostered in that camp, as well as how they came together and laid the foundation for the season to come in Chapter Two: Covington.

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Let me say how much I appreciate the response and how it will make the show better as we continue working to tell this story.

As a token of our appreciation, we are sending a Fear the Wave sticker to every premium subscriber for their help in making this project a reality.

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If you are not an iPhone user or this isn't for you, the six major episodes will be posted publicly, and you can listen to the first one here on Soundcloud or on the podcast app of your choosing.

I hope you enjoy the project, and Roll Wave!